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How much is gas?

As you are well aware, gas prices have significantly increased over the past several years. These increases make every tank of gas more expensive than the last. As gas prices continue to climb, we're here to help you combat the impact on your pocket book with several tools to help you find the cheapest gas in your city, and to help you evaluate how fuel efficient your car is, and what your options may be for finding a car that pollutes less.

Helping you save at the pump

HowMuchIsGas.com has put together some of the best online resources to help you save money everytime you pump. Our online national gas price map, powered by gasbuddy.com, gives you instant access to national gas price data for various grades of gas. You can also search by zip, for quick access to your neighborhood.

Compare fuel costs for new and used cars

Our site incorporates current and historical MPG data on literally thousands of vehicles. We've taken this data, and created an easy-to-use online system to quickly compare fuel effeciency and total annual fuel cost for thousands of vehicles. This gives you instant access to make an informed decision on the total cost of owning your next vehicle.

Environmental impact of driving your car or truck

Looking to find out how much CO2 you're car or truck is adding to the atmosphere each year? Simply use our easy online tool to find your vehicle and get the low-down on where you stand. You can also quickly compare your vehicle to your friends' or neighbors' to see how you stack up. Or, if you're in the market for a new car, you can compare the CO2 output of multiple vehicle side-by-side.

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